Complimentary maintenance for the life of your D'Andre shearling coat, jacket or vest!


"My shearling coat arrived this afternoon, it’s perfect, beautiful, and I absolutely love it! Thank you for all your assistance, I deeply appreciate it."-- Jeanne, MI

"Received my shearling coat and it looks beautiful and it fits well. Thank you so much. I will order from you again! Keep those measurements."-- Cecilia, NC

"This has been such a pleasure doing business with you! When people ask me about my shearling coat, I will be more than happy to refer them to you."-- Olivia, MI

"It was a pleasure doing business with D'Andre. It’s rare in this day and age to receive such personalized, warm customer service. I’m really looking forward to wearing my new coat this winter season. It’s a gorgeous coat and I love it."-- Laurie, NY

"I want to thank you for all your help making my shearling coat. It is really lovely and you made the entire experience a pleasure for us. I am looking forward to wearing it. Of course, the weather here has turned warm now, so I have to be patient for a couple of weeks when I can really wear and enjoy it on our trip, but I’ve had great fun trying it on! :)"-- Kathleen, CA

"I have never experienced customer service like this; you have refined a lost art! Your shearling coats are exquisite, and your attention to your customers (to me!) are beyond anything I see these days from other companies or stores. I can’t wait to tell even more people about D’Andre."-- Amory, MA

"Just wanted to thank you for the lovely shearling coat. It looks beautiful on my wife, we are both very pleased. Your impeccable service is much appreciated as well."-- Steve, CA

"I LOVE MY SHEARLING!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience and my amazing coat!! I cannot wait to wear it! I will be sure to send you a picture of me in it when I do. Next time I am in NY I will definitely stop by and see about something else made with you. Thank you!"-- Olivia, MI

"I purchased a shearling coat from D’Andre NY which was handmade and created in New York City. I love buying USA made goods. Beautiful, lux shearling, it wraps you in a thoroughly warm embrace and will protect even against the coldest wind. I had sent my measurements for the coat and when I got it, it was too large. D’Andre worked with me in the most personal and attentive manner to make sure the coat fit me perfectly. Since I am tall and slender, I wanted to avoid any feeling or look that the coat was hanging on my frame. The shearling emerged as they say, like hand in glove. It was just right, which is hard to find…and don’t bother with any extra sweater underneath, as there is no need to wear anything extra ... this gorgeous coat is that warm. It was an expensive coat and so worth the money as it was made to last a lifetime. Also, the purchase of the coat includes the option of ongoing cleaning and care. Every detail of this coat was fashioned with the kind of attention that is really a thing of the past. So nice to purchase something that will not begin to fall apart of get out of shape or lose a button or begin to degrade in some way… Expert tailors are employed at D’Andre; its a working shop that has somehow avoided becoming a faceless corporation. What a joy to buy an item from real people who are responsible for the goods they sell !! That's one of the things that makes D’Andre so special, it is like taking a step back into the days when a personal tailor made your garments and there was a face behind the creation, a person who not only made the garment, but speaks on the phone, meets you at the door, and develops a warm and personal quality of relationship while attending to you. I have had such a good experience with Tatiana and Boris of D’Andre New York, I will always give these great people and their fabulous business my best recommendation, to anyone and everyone. Thanks again D’Andre for keeping me warm this winter in superlative style, and for your attentive, friendly and caring attitude throughout my experience."-- Jane, VA

"My experience as a customer with D’Andre NY has been unsurpassed. I was referred to the company by a friend after I admired her exquisite Toscana, full length coat. I had discovered years ago that shearling is the only material that keeps me warm during cold, New England winters, but I had never owned something as lovely as what my friend was wearing. I made the trip to the D’Andre showroom in Manhattan from Boston to try on samples before I made the investment in a new coat. While there, I was treated like royalty. I was there for a couple of hours, and afforded complete, individual attention. Each garment I tried was a work of art, and it was difficult to choose. The customer service representative patiently advised me on fit (both physically, and for style, color and personality). I am very petite, and the Toscana coat and Tornado jacket I purchased were each tailored for a custom fit, and some design alterations were included to ensure that both garments fit my needs exactly. The alterations were completed and the jackets shipped within two weeks of the purchase. When I had some subsequent problems with the zippers, the response to replace and improve the problem was immediate. And so serious was their concern about the issue, that I was given a special gift for the inconvenience of having to ship the coats to NY and wait the few days for their return. The quality of these coats is superb, and I receive second looks and compliments every time I wear them (which is daily). Meanwhile, I am hyper-sensitive to cold, and the shearling is impervious to wind and keeps me warm—an unprecedented experience for me! Hence, I feel strongly that D’Andre has achieved their mission of “practicality, individuality, elegance, and functionality;” I feel uniquely beautiful and warm when I venture out each day! I predict that I will be a loyal customer for some time, and will delight in sharing my positive experience to any and all."-- Anne, MA

"Received the vest yesterday and I am already enjoying it. Stylish and warm and it looks great. I wore it out last night and received many compliments on it! Thank you."-- Simone, CT

"I received the coat today and waoo what a nice surprise - a very nice coat, well done, I am very pleased with it, and it’s roomy as I like them. I thank you much and I am sure we will be doing business again."-- Benny, FL

"The coat arrived and I am very pleased with it – thanks to your guidance! It is beautiful and well made. Fits really well! I hate to say this, but I am actually glad we had a cold snap so I could wear it today! Thank you so much for your excellent service. I look forward to seeing those “coming soon” coats on the models. I trust you will be sending an email when those coats are ready. I am very interested in seeing the short hooded coat that is trimmed in Mongolian lamb."-- Susi, IL

"I wanted you to know how much I love my coat. I get compliments on it EVERY time I wear it. It fits me so perfectly, is warm and luxurious. You can tell how well made it is, the quality and attention to detail. I have never owned something so outstanding in my life. I feel like a million bucks in it and everyone who sees it cannot help but to comment on it. I have tried on many shearling coats over the years but they all seemed boxy and “off the rack.” I am so glad I waited and researched until I found you. I had been searching for at least 4 years for the perfect shearling coat. It wasn’t until last November that your web site finally appeared in my searching. I never would have found you otherwise and I am thrilled I did. This coat is the epitome of what I have been searching for all these years. Thank you for your excellent service and impressive concern to detail."-- Cynthia, UT

"I received my "masterpiece", and my coat is absolutely beautiful! Thank you, for your wonderful customer care, and quality of the piece. I am looking forward to showing it off when I get home."-- Susan, IL

"My shearling coat was received yesterday. It is beautiful and arrived just in time - we're having a real cold spell at the moment. The fit is good and I'm very happy with it! I also want to thank you. This has been such a positive customer experience. You responded to all my questions in such a timely way. And all and all, things happened exactly as you said. This is particularly important when purchasing a costly item on line. Thank you!"-- Annie, CA

"Just wanted to tell you that I love love love love my coat. I took it with me to London, to New York, to Aspen, and everywhere people ask where it comes from. I was very happy to give you guys an extensive animated ad, trust me :) Just wanted to thank you again to keep me warm this winter, you won't believe it but I actually put it on once in Miami:):):).... on a chilly morning on my balcony ( we do get 40 degrees sometimes too!)"-- Natalia, FL

"Wanted to let you know that I got the coat and hat arrived today and they look great. I’m really pleased with the wonderful work done by all your crew. Please thank them for getting the schmutz off of the coat, brushing it until it is all fluffy again, and making the buttons and new hem line look like they were always there. Now I just have to wait months and months for cold weather to arrive so I can wear it again!"-- Elizabeth, MD

"My husband is thrilled with his coat, so soft!! I am amazed at the transformation in my own coat, putting it on is like hand in glove, really! The fit is like night and day from its earlier version. Length is perfect, fits so very well around my hips and waist now... looks beautiful on me... truly chic, elegant, one of a kind ... all of which makes me smile. Thank you so much for your old world, person to person attention to this purchase, it was a transaction that felt good at every turn, and we are so grateful to have truly well made, tailored shearling coats. All the coats in our future belong to you, for us to find and enjoy."-- Jane, VA

"My coat arrived today. ABSOLUTELY stunning & beautiful. Love the Arizona color & contrasting shearling fur. Just a BEAUTIFUL coat. Upon trying it on, I initially felt it was still a bit too large. However, my husband disagreed with me & said the coat looked fine in terms of fit. He also thinks it is ABSOLUTELY beautiful (he keeps saying that it was you & him who selected the Arizona Merino). Anyway, I am looking forward to wearing my coat & thank you for your assistance in selecting it. Also, please forward me your new address when you relocate so that I might be able to reconnect, especially to take advantage of my yearly cleaning benefit."-- Pat, PA

"I love my shearling coat, so light weight. The color is perfect. It was worth the wait. Thanks for going to bat for me with FEDEX. A Happy/Satisfied Customer."-- Gail, NY

"The shearling has arrived. It is absolutely beautiful! It is more beautiful in person than on the picture. I was afraid all that lamb trim would make me look bigger than I am. In contrast, cut is super-slimming, I was amazed how slim I felt. Thank you very much! I keep an eye on a couple of more coats on your web-site, too bad we do not have much of cold weather in Memphis."-- Anna, TN

"Just wanted to let you know my shearling arrived safely and the fit is good. I'm very excited to wear it! Thanks for all your help and I'll look forward to seeing you in the future."-- Debra, IL

"I just received my shearling jacket. It is absolutely perfect in every way...size, sleeve length, etc.! Please tell your production people that they did a wonderful job! It's so luscious, I can't wait to wear it! Thanks again for your help, Tatiana. I am one thrilled customer! :)"-- Carolyn, NH

"Oh my goodness! What a beautiful masterpiece! The color is magnificent...unusual and not overbearing for winter as so many winter coats are dark. It's remarkably light weight - for which I am grateful! And the hood will be so warm come our wind chills of 40 below!!! It feels luxurious to have the fur inside. Simply beautiful. Many thanks for your assistance throughout. I anticipate sharing this wonderful story of how I got the shearling coat of my dreams, many times, and look forward to that bringing D'Andre NY more business."-- Katharine, Alberta CA

"The red coat arrived 20 minutes ago and it is gorgeous!!! Perfectly fabulous color! It fits perfectly too. So now I have 2 really wonderful coats, thanks to you!"-- Nancy, ME

"Just want to thank you again. I love my coat. I don't know how but this one is even lighter than the previous one. The buttons are done and I look like a million bucks. Happy New Year!"-- Ada, PA

"Just a note to say that the coat fits beautifully and was warm during the presidential inauguration."-- Hope, CA

"I picked my lovely coat up and you were right about the color! This grey has a beautiful sheen to it! I appreciate your guidance on the color choice! The head band fits beautifully on my head and I like how the cut of the fur is angled! The craftsmanship is superb, and it is very warm! I thank you so very much for working with me on my selection! I love this coat!"-- Theresa, VA

"I love my coat!! Just want to say thanks. I am so happy to find this perfect coat for me as I was looking for the right coat for 3 years and finally got this coat from D'Andre. I love the professional service and comments provided by Tatiana and enjoyed meeting the friendly staff at D'Andre."-- Jade, NY

"I received my coat and it is just beautiful and fits like a glove!"-- Sharon, TX

"Thank you for the outstanding service and your attentiveness to your customers. That is a rare quality in today's markets."-- Thomas, MD

"I've never had such fine personal attention for a purchase. And I really enjoyed our conversation about your really important input -- name and all! -- to D'Andre. Keep well. I will probably bring the coat in for cleaning in the Spring."-- Renate, NY

"I received the coat, it looks fabulous. Thank you for working with me to select the right skins and the style. The color is very flattering to my complexion, and the fit is nice as well. I am happy with the purchase and will likely buy another coat. Please do let me know when the spring sales begin."-- Julia, CT

"I love, love, love my red coat. Wore it to see my daughter last week, and got compliments everywhere I went (most especially my 8 year old granddaughter who said it was SO me)."-- Denise, WY

"I love my coat and the Toscana shearling is marvelous. It is still plenty cold enough for me to be wearing the coat almost everywhere most days of the week."-- Sharon, WA

"I love love love them!!! Even got her a matching coat:) Thank you so much!!!!"-- Roslyn, Canada

"I received my coat today and it is stunning!!! I'm so happy with the color choice. I thought it would be a little longer in the back. I'm not accustomed to shorter jackets....however my husband loves it. Thanks so much, Tatiana. I will be purchasing again in the future. Enjoy your holiday :)"-- Angelica, IL

"My husband and I may be the only people in the NY area who are happy it's cold and snowing again."-- Mary, NY

"The beauty of the coats you sell is just a reflection of the deeper beauty within you. I love my coat and can hardly wait for it to get cold again so I can wear it."-- Kerry, NY

"It's BEAUTIFUL and fits great!!! Thank you so much, I love it :)"-- Huguette, NB

"Thank you again for helping me create such beautiful unique pieces that are truly one of a kind - I love the fact that you don't see 50,000 people wearing the same thing! I look forward to working with you again later this season in preparation for next season jacket."-- Melodie, NY

"The coat has arrived! I am very pleased with it and appreciate all of your help. Many thanks"-- Leslie, NH

"It's gorgeous! It's perfect! It's beautiful!
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you! The color is stunning. The furs are soft and sweet. The sizing is just right. Such stunning craftsmanship! So beautifully done! I really appreciate your kindness and patience. Happy here! Cheers!"-- Laura, NC

"I received the jacket and it's beautiful!! The skin selection is gorgeous, thank you for your help with that! I will take a photo with the jacket on over the holidays and send it to you. Again, thank you for this lovely jacket and may you and everyone at Dandre's have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year 2012."-- Diane, PA

"I just received the jacket and am thoroughly delighted. It is really beautiful!! I was also pleased with the enclosed style book...a nice touch. Thank you for all your attention to detail."-- Margot, NY

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this jacket! I will be back for more of your gorgeous coats and try to bring my friends and family too. I can't believe I am saying this after the nearly SIBERIAN winter we got this year, but...I am almost SAD to see warmer spring weather coming."-- Janice, NY

"I received my cape and love it... Thank you, it is all I hoped for… At some point when I have more pennies saved I will stop by your showroom to pick out my next coat… There are several I am very fetched by…"-- Victoria, VA

"I just got my coat, it is gorgeous and fits just right. Please thank Boris for me, he did a great job. Thank you again, I will leave excellent feedback on your web site."-- Sasha, GA

"I just received my coat and it is great. It is amazing that the fit is perfect considering I purchased this over the phone.Thank you for your help and I am already deciding which coat to get next."--Debbie, NY

"The shearling for my husband was fabulous! Many thanks for the wonderful workmanship."--Priscilla, PA

"I just opened the box. The jacket is gorgeous. I keep putting it on...may have to sleep with it tonight. It feels like I am walking around while holding my purring cat all the time. With Thanks so very much, to you for your help and to your designer for getting it to me so fast."--Lorna, MA

"My coat arrived and it is simply stunning! Thanks for all your help--I can't believe how beautiful my new coat is."--Ann , WA

I just wanted to say hello and thank you for everything you did for me to get this gorgeous coat to me in the limited time. Second, I would like to say, this is one gorgeous coat, just as I imagined the coat to look. When I received the coat, I like the way everything was packed in the box, the catalog, etc. I like the fact that I received a breathable bag which is very important in keeping my brand new coat fresh and looking great. Third, I love the raccoon fur lining, the whole feel of the coat, and it fits me great. The length is the perfect fit, the hood is luxurious, I have to say, "I Love the Whole Coat" and when I tried it on, I fell in love with it. I will definitely order more coats from your establishment down the road. It is by far the best money I've invested in outer wear. LOVE IT."--Tajuana, MD

"I just received the coat and must tell you how pleased I am! Thank you so much. It's a perfect fit and it's the style I wanted."-- Gary, IL

"Got my jacket yesterday. When I saw the package, I said no, it can't be my jacket - it's so small. It is so lightweight, I can't believe it. I was expecting something heavy. It fits great (was worried spending so much money on something I hadn't seen or tried on). Your other coats are equally marvelous. If I had the need I would buy at least two or three more. They are by far the nicest ones I've seen. I'm keeping the booklet in case I need another one in the future. Thanks for everything!"-- Alex, CA

"I got the coat yesterday, and it is gorgeous!Thank you so much!"-- Jill, NY

"My Compliments to the designer! The vest i purchased was not only beautiful, but the product was far SUPERIOR than I had anticipated. It was a great experience from teh initial order to receiving the vest. Thank you very much! I Look forward to working with you again."-- Lynne, NY

"I have been traveling most of this week and just had the opportunity to wear the jacket today for the first time. It fits perfectly and looks great. It also lives up to my hopes that it would not be hot to wear, yet it would keep me warm. On a TV show this week (House) I heard the perfect line about a jacket: it keeps me warm and it makes me cool; how does it know which to do? Thanks."--Andy, MA

"I received my coat a few minutes ago. It truly is beautiful. It's very soft and comfortable. It doesn't feel heavy, but it seems like it will be warm. Our cold weather today will give me a good opportunity to test it. I can hardly wait to be able to wear it out. Thanks for all your help. May God bless you!"-- Norma, OH

"I did receive the coat, and it was absolutely beautiful! Let me tell you, it definitely made my day. I tried it on and it fits really well and I'm so happy I decided to get it because it will truly last through several Chicago winters :-) Thank you for all your help in this quite difficult purchasing decision."-- DeJeana, IL

"It is beautiful, soft and gorgeous, and I want to thank you for all the work you guys put into it."-- Cristina, CA